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Our Story

Did you love spending time playing with arts and crafts as a child? Do you recall joyful memories drawing, coloring and painting the day away? Do you remember that first drawing you ever did, and that sensation you got once you realized you can bring your imagination to real life on paper?


We had those same memories as well. However, as we grew older and real life started to kick in, we were told the same story over and over again: art isn’t a real career, why waste your life with art when you can chase a career path that actually earns you a better standard of living? There’s no money to be made as an artist unless you’re a top 100 painter, so pick something else. Well we fell for that, listened to our role models and decided to pursue a career in something else.


Years later, after having been beating up and down in the business world for a bit we decided to pursue this old arts and crafts passion of ours again, but this time from a different perspective. We saw that a lot of the standard art sets on the market were always lacking in a few key items, items that if included, would make for a really complete and awesome set. For example, why place four different orders for paints, brushes, panels and palettes if you could get the bulk of those items in one big bundled set instead?


So, we decided to start selling art supplies, not just standard art supplies though, we sell COMPLETE art sets and we do everything within our powder to ensure they are as bundled up and all-inclusive as possible.


We spent time researching and curating the best supplies from across the globe and were lucky enough to be able to get in touch with popular artists and designers who helped us better understand what makes for a great art product vs an average run of the mill product. Without their support this wouldn’t be possible, and we are eternally grateful for them.


All of this led to our passion project, ART ACCELERATORS. We want to ensure that our sets work for all types of artists, from the beginner or occasional artist to the seasoned professional. Every single set is designed to be as all-inclusive and bundled up as possible, while still maintaining a reasonable price point.


So, give our art supplies a shot! All it takes is a few clicks on our store and a few strokes on your canvas thereafter. Let us know what you think! Let's make some unforgettable art together, but more importantly let's make some unforgettable memories happen!



We don’t just sell art products, we are artists ourselves. We encourage people to try out new ideas and take chances with their art. We live the products we create and are always striving to keep them up to date and of the highest quality possible.


Optimize Your Creativity

Our goal is to help bring out your full creative potential through a combination of products and actionable information. Never stop learning, never stop growing and never stop creating!


Thank You!

We just wanted to finish up by saying that we are here for you not only as a guide but as a friend. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality art supplies, knowledge and support to bring out your full creative potential! If you love one of our products or services, pay it forward and share with friends and family. It means the world to us to have our brand’s story and products help as many people as possible.