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Why Choose Oil Paint Instead of Acrylic Paint?

We get asked this question all too often, so it's time to break down the pros and cons of each side.

1.) Oil Paint dries slower. This gives the artist more time to paint and not feel rushed. It could take days or even weeks for oil paint to fully dry. Acrylics will be done in an hour if not sooner.

2.) Oil paints have more pigments in them, allowing for richer and more vivid colors.

3.) Acrylics may darken slightly as they dry, while oil paints do not. How frustrating.

4.) Mixing acrylics is more difficult than mixing oils, simply because the acrylics are already beginning to dry.

5.) Cleaning up your brushes is a piece of cake with oil paint so long as you have the right cleaning supplies. A little water and paint thinner is all you need. With acrylics, cleaning can be a real pain as the paints will start drying up on the bristles right away.

If you are a slow painter who likes taking your time, then oil paint is the obvious choice. But what about Acrylics? Why do so many people prefer them instead? There are a few reasons.

1.) Not everyone has time to let their paintings dry out for days. Especially if you are just painting for fun and don't plan on saving the paintings long term. Preferable for children just getting started

2.) Acrylics are cheaper. If you are on a budget then they are the way to go. You do sacrifice quality though.

3.) Toxicity isn't as big of a worry with acrylics, since they do dry out so fast. With oil paint you do have to be cautious of pets and animals getting too close.

So the choice is yours. We hope this information was helpful. We usually prefer oil paints due to the quality and time it provides us with. It worked for Leonardo Da Vinci 500 years ago, and it still works just as good today.

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