July 8, 2017

Our Story

Have you ever been so caught up in the daily grind of life that you’ve forgotten to stop and appreciate the natural attractiveness of the world? We have, and it wasn’t until we came across a remarkable piece of art one day that we were really able to snap out of it and see the beautiful world right in front of us. 

After seeing this spectacular piece of art, we realized that every single one of us is an artist. Each one of us has our own unique imagination and perceptions of the world. We all have the potential to be creative and let our imaginations run wild,but how come so few of us actually do? What caused us to lose sight of something so important and meaningful to life?

Whatever the cause may be, it is now our mission to help others create unforgettable art, something that makes people stop, look, and bring their imaginations to life. We want to help people bring out their full creative potential. So, we starting drawing, sketching & painting. We tried all sorts of artistic endeavors and saw the beauty in our minds come to life. All of this led to our passion project, Art accelerators.

We started researching and curating the best suppliers of art products from across the globe. We wanted the products to be eco-friendly and of unmatched quality so we obviously couldn’t have put all of this together alone. We were lucky enough to be able to get in touch with popular artists and designers who helped us better understand what makes great art products and supplies.

Don’t let the pressures of life drown out your imagination and creativity! Give our art supplies a try! All it takes is a few clicks on our store and a few strokes on your canvas thereafter. Let the magic begin!


We don’t just sell art products, we are artists ourselves. We encourage people to try out new ideas and take chances with their art. We live the products we create and are always striving to keep them up to date and of the highest quality possible.

Optimize Creativity

Our goal is to help bring out your full creative potential through a combination of products and actionable information. Never stop learning, never stop growing and never stop creating!

Thank You!

We just wanted to finish up by saying that we are here for you not only as a guide but as a friend. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality art supplies, knowledge and support to bring out your full creative potential! If you love one of our products or services, pay it forward and share with friends and family. It means the world to us to have our brand’s story and products help as many people as possible.