July 8, 2017

Our Story

Let’s Turbo-Charge Your Creativity!

Have you ever tried finding an art product that is durable, ergonomic and free of chemicals? As an artist who has used countless arts and crafts products I can save you some time. It’s almost impossible to find a sturdy, affordable and high-quality art product. But does it really have to be that way?

Creative & Inspirational Doesn’t Have To Be Costly.

For many years I have struggled to find arts products that would help me enjoy painting, sketching and doodling again! That wasn’t an easy task. Almost all art and office products are flimsy and filled with toxic chemicals, which may reduce the cost of manufacturing but are extremely harmful. Sure, there were some 100% superior-quality products, but they cost a small fortune.

“There must be a better way” I thought.

And there was!

After months of scouring all around the world for the most durable, safest and most eco-friendly materials, Art Accelerators was ready to put the pedal to the metal! But I couldn’t do it alone. So I managed to find a team of highly-skilled and dedicated artists and designers to help me achieve my dream!

Dreams Do Come True, If You Try Hard Enough!

Our products are the perfect blend of durable materials and unique artist-oriented design. Art Accelerator’s mission was simple:

To make high-quality, ergonomic and fun office, arts and crafts products available to everyday, amateur and professional artists, just like me and you!

We believe in establishing an honest, personal and friendly relationship with you, that’s why our customer support specialists are always available to solve your problems, answer your questions or even offer you advice!

Above All, We Want To Put A Smile On Your Face! Try The Art Accelerators Products Now!