Check Out Our Brand New Detail Brush Set! Goes Live Today!

Paint super detailed artwork with our fine tipped detail paint brush set. Our paint brushes come in sets of 12 and each one of them has a different, fine point, precision tip. Apart from portraits, landscapes, still life and other kinds of paintings, you can also use our detail brushes to paint warhammer 40k figurines, practice calligraphy and get into the small micro details with your artwork.

Detail Paint Brush Set | 12 Professional Synthetic Miniature Brushes with Fine Points & Comfortable Triangular Handles | Detailed Painting Tools for Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil & Miniature Art

Our professional detail paint brushes have been designed with triangular handles, which provide you with optimal control and comfort while you create your art. Another practical aspect of these ergonomically designed handles is that they will not roll off the table every time you set them down. Plus, they add a beautiful sense of elegance and style! 

Made with high quality synthetic hair, the fine points of our brushes are incredibly sharp, sleek and free of loose hair. You can use them with acrylic, watercolor and oil to draw anything you want with high precision. And of course, the bristles will remain in excellent condition, even after daily use!

Do you want to go sit in a park and get inspiration for your painting? Are you traveling and want to get your painting equipment with you? Our detail paint brush set comes with a luxurious storage bag, so that you can carry them around with ease and safety and keep the brushes and the rest of your painting equipment clean.

Apart from the protective luxury bag, the bundle also includes a plastic cylinder holder. This clear case will keep your detail paint brushes organized in your studio and on your desk. At the same time, it will keep the dust away from the fine tips of the detail brushes. You can put the detail paint brush set in the bag, and then place the bag in the brush holder for extra protection. So what are you waiting for? Click the image below for more details and see for yourself why people can’t stop raving about them!